Our Products

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  • Our cladding is designed to cover and upgrade checkouts in situ, a process designed to enhance & replace the look of the older vinyl wrap process.
  • Rather than using vinyl which will peel and chip over time we use powder coated zincor rust preventative metal panels. These panels cover the entire checkout to create a second skin which looks and lasts as long as new from the manufacturers.
  • Benefits of using cladding range from cost and durability through to minimal spraying needed and a lifetime guarantee on the panels.
  • Our panels are designed to work with the checkout in place so no need for transport or other trades to disconnect the services giving both environmental and financial benefits to our clients.
  • Whether your current checkouts, customer service desks or sales desks are wood or metal, cladding will bring tired products back to life and up to date with current branding or colour schemes.

Digital Media

  • Digital media is now so well integrated into our retail environments that it’s strange to not see a screen advertising products or services. With this in mind we wanted to be able to offer the same type of service but at a lower cost than our competitors.
  • Most Digital Media solutions require systems to be updated locally by sending in an engineer with a USB stick or SD card.
  • With our media box this is all done online via your own secure portal at a fraction of the cost.
  • Plug and play as standard with the ability to control 1000’s of screens in your estate. Sync your screens with the click of a button and update your campaigns on timed intervals or set dates.


  • With the emergence of self-service machines in retail stores the need for a till operator isn’t removed. The machines will encounter interventions that need to be met by staff interaction.
  • To help with productivity we created a low cost universal system to enable staff to leave the till area and not need to remain within eyesight.
  • The headset is fully universal and will call the attendant back when they are required. Customers no longer need to wait for a light to be seen by staff members reducing shopping time while increasing store productivity.
  • To make this system work as a low-cost solution we created a fully plug and play set up that works with any type of till system. No software required.


  • With the ever-changing pace of frontline technology in retail we always strive to bring the latest innovations and products for the latest hardware to rest.
  • Whether Card Only, self-scan or shopper scanning requirements ATL has many options available for your requirements.
  • As with all our metal based products we use Zincor metal giving longevity, reliability and consistency throughout our entire range.
  • In partnership with our clients, as well as individually, we produce many differing types of podia to keep pace with current market trends and new innovations.


  • Our Tri Light product is designed to work predominantly in the self-scan and scan as you shop environment.
  • This innovative product works via a simple connection and interacts with the software when intervention by staff is required.
  • Utilising a simple traffic light system to give the staff knowledge of what is required it works well as a visual aid.
  • This can also be used in conjunction with our headset to give audible attention required as well as visual.